Trends with IT outsourcing

By TechStaunch at 2022-10-07 on Business & Engineering
Trends with IT outsourcing

IT outsourcing in today’s time is an extremely advantageous engagement model which promises to incarnate the basic assets of the free-market economy. It ensures the involvement of the most efficient workforce to curate and create high-end products, where cost-effectiveness serves as a major differentiator and deciding factor. Post Pandemic, companies now in 2022 will extensively depend on competent IT services providers to bring value for their business.

Thus, outsourcing plays an extremely essential and strategic role in mapping both the short term and long-term goals of the corporate world. With its small and effective methods of operation and strong resilience, it continues to grow substantially and can now be seen dominating many business process across diverse functions and sectors. The effect and acknowledgement of outsourcing has been undeniable. The IT outsourcing business processes carried for the long run often results in:

  • Reduction in overhead & operational costs
  • Greater focus on business core competencies
  • Increased efficiency
  • Improved service quality
  • Time saving
  • Easier to scale the organization as the business grows

IT Outsourcing contracts

The formal aspects of outsourcing ventures are of great importance now, more than ever before.

Avoid speeding up the selection process

Plan the purchasing process properly. As a rule, suppliers try to address the two most important needs of clients that are in the process of choosing a partner – namely, the adaptation of the most suitable service and the presentation of a dedicated solution in the shortest possible time. It is a good idea to approach the selection process carefully and not to rush the purchasing process, which may be asking for trouble. It can create unnecessary risks and complications during the downstream stages of the collaboration.

Business Continuity Plans

The pandemic showed that most outsourcing contracts did not practically stipulate collaterals and guarantees against global events, only regional scenarios. Currently BC plans are evolving towards minimizing the risk of global events.

When deciding to cooperate with key suppliers, provide appropriate provisions and resources in the outsourcing contract for new pandemic scenarios. Some companies also decide to audit the infrastructure of the future partner, its supplier network and the conditions for full-time remote work.

Switching to shorter contracts mode

Deloitte’s 2020 Global Outsourcing Survey indicates that an important lesson learnt from the pandemic for half of the respondents was the length of contract periods. Our recommendation is to switch to shorter contracts and to enable more flexibility to adjust to the agile way of project delivery.

Why Can An Outsourcing Agency Like TechStaunch Help?

  • Efficiency to manage remote teams, virtually and securely
  • Processing large volumes of requests
  • Managing large, experienced teams
  • Having strong, well-defined process management
  • Use of appropriate technology to make the solution more efficient and glitch-free
  • Cost-effective with a focus on seamless deliveries

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