Beyond Wix & WordPress: Crafting Elegant Portfolios with Next.js & Sanity CMS | Techstaunch

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Beyond Wix & WordPress: Crafting Elegant Portfolios with Next.js & Sanity CMS | Techstaunch


In the expansive realm of the digital world, where every pixel tells a story, having a dynamic, performant portfolio website isn't just an advantage—it's a necessity. Your talent narrates your journey. While platforms like Wix, Squarespace, and WordPress have made website creation more accessible, they often fall short when it comes to truly capturing the essence of a creative professional. Enter the dynamic duo that's been turning heads: Next.js and Sanity CMS —it’s not just a website, but a reflection of your passion.

Why Next.js Outperforms Traditional Platforms

  • Speedy Tailored Performance: Unlike template-driven platforms, Next.js provides server-side rendering, ensuring rapid load times and a smooth browsing experience.

  • SEO Excellence: Break free from the SEO constraints of platforms like Wix or WordPress. With Next.js, your portfolio gets the visibility it truly deserves.

  • True Responsiveness: While other platforms claim adaptability, Next.js ensures your work looks impeccable across all devices and screen sizes.

Sanity CMS: A Leap from Conventional Admin Systems

While we adore Next.js for its performance, but our users love Sanity CMS when it comes to content management.

  • Instant Updates, Anytime, Anywhere: Gone are the days of logging into clunky backends of platforms like WordPress. With Sanity, real-time updates are a breeze.

  • Custom Tailored for You: Every artist is unique, and so should be their tools. With customizable fields, whether you're showcasing intricate graphic designs or mesmerizing animations, Sanity molds as per your needs.


  • A CMS that Understands You: Unlike the one-size-fits-all approach of Squarespace or Wix, Sanity offers customization at every turn, ensuring it aligns perfectly with your creative needs.

  • Rich Storytelling: Move beyond static text. Sanity's Portable Text feature lets your narrative flourish with interactive data and references.


Why Our Approach Elevates Your Portfolio

  • Bespoke Designs: Break away from the monotony of templates offered by platforms like Wix. Every design we craft is as unique as your journey.

  • Customization at its Best: No templates. No generic designs. We craft each portfolio keeping YOU in the center.

  • Animations that Resonate: While Squarespace might offer basic animations, our team ensures every movement on your site captures your narrative's essence.

  • A Dedicated Team: Unlike the DIY approach of WordPress, our team is with you at every step, ensuring your site is not just functional, but also a masterpiece.

Our agency isn't just about web development services. We breathe life into custom unique graphic design and animations, ensuring that your portfolio isn't just a website—it's an experience


Create a captivating digital masterpiece that reflects your identity. While popular platforms like Wix or WordPress set the foundation, they may miss capturing your unique essence. At TechStaunch, we combine Next.js, Sanity CMS, custom design, and animations to bring your vision to life. Trust TechStaunch for a digital presence that tells your captivating story.

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